About Us

Vairochana Thanka House is the manufacture,wholesaller,distributor of the finest thanka in Nepal . We have been sending our outstanding thanka to numbers of shops all over the world as well as we are retailing our products in Kathmandu.We are located in kathmandu's famous tourist place. Vairochana Thanka House was established two decades ago when we realized that the thanka art is prestigious religious painting and should be unleased for the people following enlightened way of Buddha and to the other common people.

Vairochana Thanka House has been completely overhauled now with the expertise of the old masters of the art and
the hard work and the new technology of the 21st century.

We are ever more commited to the fact that the sacred art of the thanka must be spread all over the world so that the people would come to know the Buddhas enlightened path and be protected under the all circumstances in this world.
Thankas lead the way to the heaven and one can feel the presence  of being under the supervision and in the service of Buddha. 

Vairochana Thanka House  produces a large variety of thankas. We also take special request form our clients. Our master artist have perfected the art of thanka painting in any discipline of the painting. We describe the thanka painting as best we can. In all cases we give you as much information about a scroll as we have. The art of thanka painting is a never ending process and is always in the process of learning.  You can feel our thanka when you see.  It is due to our serious knowledge of the art of thanka painting that we are trusted by many of our customers all over the world.